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Lens Politica begins with a three-day workshop Kino Politica, organized together with Euphoria Borealis from November 13th to 15th. The films made during the workshop will be screened as a part of the programme of Lens Politica on November 21st.

We are all less than perfect, but in Kino Politica everyone can participate regardless of that, or for that very reason. Kino Politica is about cooperation, internationality and creativity, making movies here and now. The event encourages filmmakers to take risks, explore new areas of cinematic expression, and to develope new ways of working together and producing films. Simply, to implement your ideas to the wide screen.

Kino Kabaret events organised by Euphoria Borealis are a part of the the Montréal based international Kino Movement. It provides both amateurs and professionals a chance to create and present short films.

Karaoke videos and political speeches

Are you a karaoke star with no singing voice, a cinematographer without a camera or the next political rabble-rouser? Tomorrow's your chance to take part in our workshop and shine!

The Helsinki Art Museum HAM and the political film and art festival Lens Politica will join forces and organize a Speech Karaoke workshop. The participants will collectively write a speech and create a karaoke video for it. The workshop will be hosted by the members of the Speech Karaoke Action Group founded in 2010. Participants do not need to have previous experience from writing speeches or video production.

The final piece will be presented as a part of the Speech Karaoke night held on 20 November in Dubrovnik. Instead of songs, in Speech Karaoke the performers pick speech to perform The selection of karaoke videos include a wide range of well-known and unknown, current and historical, fun, but also genuinely touching speeches in several languages.

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Lens Politica's first film screening is held tomorrow in Helsinki Art Museum HAM at 12:00. In a class of his own as a provocateur sticking his middle finger up, this depiction of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei gives an up close and personal account on the thoughts of the agitator, where the yearning for freedom, perseverance and seeking for justice are at center stage.

Entry with a museum ticket 10/8 €, under 18 year-olds free of charge. K-7.

Kino Sheryl

Hämeentie 135

Andorra & Dubrovnik

Eerikinkatu 11

HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8

WHS Teatteri Union

Siltavuorenranta 18

Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä

Heikkiläntie 10

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