Insanity there and danger here

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In his film Madness and Civilization, Teemu Mäki examines the relation between deadly violence and concepts of insanity and disorder. This is done through cases of Anders Behring Breivik from 2011 and Pierre Rivière from 1835. The latter was in the focus of Michel Foucault whose bohemian and eccentric character is present in the film. The suspense of the film is created by the weird and horrendous nature of the two cases.

Lens Politica 10th anniversary – Politics against Idiocy

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When did all start? Everything started back in 2005… Everything? Or did it all start in 2004, when I saw Erik Gandini’s Surplus and Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Briain’s The Television will not be Televised at the Sarajevo Film Festival and thought about using the new auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts for organizing screenings of political films. “We could call it Lens Politica”, I thought. That must be the beginning…

Finnish Fur Industry is Promoting Fur Trade Around the World

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The greatest issue in the fur farming discussion in Finland is the idea that fur farming in Finland would only concern Finns. There is one idea that recurs in the discussion; the demand is constant and if the fur is not produced in Finland, the same amount will be produced elsewhere. This idea is connected to the view that Finnish fur farmers would be more ethical than foreigners.

So deep in debts


Film director Eva Eckert made a documentary about the Austrian debt system, because her neighbors started to vanish. Lens Politica presents for the first time in Finland Eva Eckert's documentary Debts Inc. The film is a harsh exploration of Austria's debt system. Mercy doesn't exist in a country where over 70% the of population has private debt. The problematics of debt are broken down by occupational groups living out of it: bailiffs, collection agencies, private investigators,

Guilty in the eyes of capital and creditors

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The development of tar production is often presented as a success story of pre-industrial Finland. According to this story, demand for tar in European naval powers integrated Finland into global market creating "a land of black gold". Tar created wealth and modernized even the backwoods. For a tar producer the reality was different. They got into debt.

Many Faces of Senior Love And Companionship

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Whose love, relationships and passion are allowed to be seen in today's society? Can seniors be passionately in love or show affection publicly? How diverse love between seniors can be? There are many normative assumptions and misconceptions in relation to old age, their relationships and sexuality in general. Menna Laura Meijer's documentary 69: Love Sex Senior shakes these assumptions disarmingly well and gives the love life of seniors visibility.

Poverty will not disappear tomorrow

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Tomorrow We Disappear is a documentary film depicting the life of the artist community of the slum-like Kathputli area in New Delhi, facing the cross-pressure of a residential re-development plan. The story is a familiar from the metropolises of developing countries. Slums, the land inhabited by the poor, are sold or is set as the subject of a re-development plan, the dwellings are to be ran over with bulldozers and the residents demand their rights.

The darker side of childhood

The darker side of childhood

"The In The Playroom series of photographs got its start on September 11th, 2001. The whole world watched on live television as an airliner flew into the World Trade Center tower. Afterwards, videos and photos of the event were everywhere for weeks and months. They became a permanent part of our culture." Canadian photographer and artist Jonathan Hobin uses photographs to recreate scenes familiar to all of us via media, from the WTC attack to the scenes of torture from Abu Ghraib prison.

The best interest of the child

The best interest of the child

In her documentary Nowhere Home Margreth Olin depicts the lives of refugee children who are victims of asylum politics.

Occasionally, the circumstances of the youth are brought so close to the viewer that the documentary is not the easiest to watch. However, it is an authentic introduction to the reality of asylum system in European countries.

Where does the money go?

Where does the money go?

In the aftermath of the recent banking crisis you would easily think the world is running out of money: there's not enough for universities, for repairing roads or for the day care of children. Furthermore, there's not quite enough for the students and most certainly not for the tens of millions of elderly people in the Europe. It is as if the states were losing money like the water runs from a bath tub with a massive hole in it.

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