Have you always wanted to make films but have been lacking needed skills, crew or funding? Do you have a political statement that would benefit from cinematic expression? Worry no more!

The Helsinki Art Museum HAM and the political film and art festival Lens Politica will join forces and organize a Speech Karaoke workshop. The participants will collectively write a speech and create a karaoke video for it.

Legislation, hunters with an appetite for easy prey, and lions that can breed even in dismal conditions add up to sizeable cash flows in South Africa. Blood Lions shows the toll that canned hunting, greenwashed to have the appearance of species conservation, takes on the lions and on other wild species.

What kind of a significance does fact-checking have in journalism? What kind of power does the media use? How are we to act if the media is passing on lies to us?

What connections can be found between cinema and climate change? Academic professor Timo Vesala is giving an introduction to the topic.

Instead of songs, in Speech Karaoke the performers pick speech to perform.

Discussing the future of the fur trade Ola Waagen, director of the film Inside Fur, Nina Malmberg, journalist, Kristo Muurimaa, secret investigator and animal activist and Mai Kivelä, General Secretary of Animalia.

intersectionality and representations intro

What kind of films are we presented with nowadays, who gets space and visibility in cinema and on what basis are specific parts distributed? How could the representations be broadened in such a way that not only the world of white heterosexual cis men dominate the screen?

Acting as a moderator, Olaf Möller, film critic and lecturer in Cinematic History. Speakers include Alejandro Pedregal, researcher and filmmaker, Susanna Helke, documentarist and professor and Ilja Rautsi, scriptwriter and film critic.

A discussion about the global future of the food industry and production from the point of view of ecology and land use.

Lens Politica’s celebrates its 10th anniversary at Dubrovnik! During the evening there will be live music by Lentoliskot, who plays electronic pop using a bunch of japanese synths and drum machines.

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HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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