How are we going to feed 10 billion people when we currently cannot even feed 7 billion? There doesn’t appear to be one singular right answer, such as a technical innovation, in sight. Therefore documentarian Valentin Thurn is suggesting solutions that are based on local choices.

In a class of his own as a provocateur sticking his middle finger up, this depiction of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei gives an up close and personal account on the thoughts of the agitator, where the yearning for freedom, perseverance and seeking for justice are at center stage.

Both clickbait-hungry media and a woman longing for a long-distance relationship fell in love with a Syrian-American Amina Arraf, who reports to her blog A Gay Girl in Damascus from the middle of the riots of the Arab Spring. Twists and turns, big emotions and a ”new” perspective. Whether it's true or not.

Could football be the key to world peace? At least it was a way to fight the fear instilled by the military junta, to make up for illiteracy and to change society in Brazil during the 1980s.

Blood Lions, Bruce Young & Nick Chevallier

Legislation, hunters with an appetite for easy prey, and lions that can breed even in dismal conditions add up to sizeable cash flows in South Africa, where canned hunting is greenwashed to have the appearance of species conservation.

Daphné is beautiful like a flower. Daphné dances for men. She speaks openly about her work, her body and her heart. A short film combing elements of animation and documentary, it delivers an intimate portrayal of Daphné’s story to the viewer.

This Greek document speaks out on and cuts into the essence of fascism. Look out! The extreme right and capitalism are shaking hands even at present in a Europe in the clutches of economic crisis.

Trapped under a transparent dome the head trio of the Finnish government makes decisions on cuts on a fourth person’s body parts.

Psychologist Frank Nervik pretends to be a fur farmer and secretly films the operations of the fur industry from the inside. The material reveals that the reality behind the scenes is shocking.

Confiscated patches of land, big businesses, oppressed individuals, poorly paid jobs in dismal conditions, fake certificates and development aid gone astray. Shouldn’t everyone at least get something to eat?

Teemu Mäki’s calm but ruthless film suggests that by labelling extremities insane and sick we are rejecting the idea that the motives behind them are very much cherished in our own value system.

It’s time to shake up the stereotypical notions of Islam and its gender roles. An exploration into the world of Muslim men fighting for the equality of men and women takes us to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kuwait and Turkey

Atomin paluu(Mika Taanila & Jussi Eerola)

Sneak Preview Olkiluoto 3 was supposed to be the first western nuclear plant since the Chernobyl disaster and the great comeback of nuclear power. Instead, it became the world’s most expensive building that remains a work in progress.

In the civil war ragged Mali the sharia law forbids music. Musicians forcen into exile try to keep the culture alive whilst bombs falling from the sky are an everyday phenomena. "Without music we are dead."

Opening screening Capitalism leads to climate change, climate change leads to the apocalypse.  The most important thing is to change the grand narration of mankind: instead of enslaving the world we have to learn to respect it.

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