10 billion what s on your plate intro

Valentin Thurn

Documentary  |  102 min  |  Germany  |  2015

Age limit: 7

Thailand’s street kitchens sell fried insects as snacks. Despite the fact that already over two billion people eat insects as a part of their diet, this protein rich finger food is not adequate enough to secure a sufficient amount of food globally.

The population of the world has been estimated to increase to 10 billion halfway into the present century. Currently 800 million people suffer from chronic malnourishment, yet nobody would have to suffer from hunger, even in the future, if the production and delivery of food was organised on a more ecological and ethical basis.

German director Valentin Thurn is looking for answers to the problem at hand all over the world. Could genetically modified groceries, such as rapidly ripening giant vegetables, be an answer? Or could it be cities where parking lots, roundabouts and parks are planted with edible plants instead of decorations? Synthetic meat grown in laboratories?

The easiest and most sustainable option would be to quit eating meat, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the most likely alternative. Chicken manufacturing has been blown out of proportion even in the promised land of millennial vegetarian traditions – India.

Marko Ylitalo (Translation: Elisa Pakkanen)


Friday  20.11.  19:00  Andorra


Kino Sheryl

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Andorra & Dubrovnik

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HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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