Bruce Young & Nick Chevallier

Documentary  |  South Africa  |  84 min  |  2015

Age limit: 12

Lion farming is a lucrative business in South Africa. Legislation, hunters with an appetite for easy prey, and lions that can breed even in dismal conditions add up to sizeable cash flows. In fenced area there's no escape from a gun for the lions. Their furs have remained unscratched by branches and twigs because the animals spend their short lives in metal paddocks.

Greenwashed to have the appearance of species conservation, the business comes with dire offshoots. Tourists pay big money to do volunteer work at lion "sanctuaries" and pose for Facebook profile pics carrying lion cubs. As soon as the cubs grow up, they are trafficked to trophy-hunters who are after for different kind of shots. They have had the luxury to pick the individual animal they desire already at home.

The documentary film Blood Lions shows the toll the profiteering with canned hunting takes on the lions and other wild species.

Hannamari Uotila (Translation: Tapio Reinekoski)


Thursday  19.11.  18:30  Kino Sheryl

Panel discussion after the film 

Kino Sheryl

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