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Marton Jelinko

Fiction  |  9 min  |  Finland  |  2015

Age limit: 12

Poor worker, trapped in the woods with three suits. An invisible dome prevents escape. In the name of communal survival the trio has already decided on considerable cuts. The victim is being kept alive so that its torso won’t rot by suppertime. For consolation, the worker is showered with witty but nonsensical quips and minor-key cheese-slicing realpolitik.

This short film may bear some resemblance to current Finnish politics. At least it’s a testament to human wretchedness, greed, and the fact that being stuck with these three guys called Juha, Timo and Alex is not really very pleasant.

Paavo Ihalainen

Finsensus + Madness and Civilisation

Thursday  19.11.  17:00  Kino Sheryl

Filmmakers present at the screening

Sunday  22.11.  18:00  WHS Teatteri Union

Filmmakers present at the screening 


Kino Sheryl

Hämeentie 135

Andorra & Dubrovnik

Eerikinkatu 11

HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8

WHS Teatteri Union

Siltavuorenranta 18

Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä

Heikkiläntie 10

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