Mika Taanila & Jussi Eerola

Documentary  |  109 Min  |   Finland, Germany   |   2015

Age limit: 7

The third nuclear reactor of the Olkiluoto plant has now been under construction for ten years, even though the planned completion was in 2009. After watching the formidable documentary film, Return of the Atom, by Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola, the viewer is left wondering just what on earth is happening on the west coast.

Olkiluoto 3 was supposed to be the first western nuclear plant since the Chernobyl disaster and the great comeback of nuclear power, as an executive of the French company Areva envisions in the film. Instead, it became the world’s most expensive building that remains a work in progress. Polish immigrant workers are still residing at a blue-roofed camp while activists simultaneously scrape sediment in the woods to prove the seismic instability of the area, and accuse TVO of being targeted with an “information war.”

The directors provide the facts of the current European nuclear power situation and throw the plant’s 3D modelings into view while Pan Sonic clang their own electronic music in the background. Return of the Atom is the must-see documentary film of this autumn, and evidence that you don’t need to take for or against Finnish nuclear power. All it takes is seeing how it is constructed.

Oskari Onninen (Translation: Antti Piirainen)


Tuesday  3.11.  18:00  Kino Sheryl

Saturday 21.11  13:30  Andorra

Q & A with the directors after the film.


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