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Sophie Deraspe

Documentary  |  84 min  |  Canada  |  2015

Age limit: 12

What do you remember reading about the events in Syria during the last few years? A blog titled A Gay Girl in Damascus documented the twists and turns in the life of Syrian-American Amina Arraf, during summer 2011 The Guardian wrote about it. More news followed, and with it came more followers. Then, a kidnapping took place.

For clickbait-hungry websites and social media campaigners, she and her story got ever more perfect – also for a recently divorced French woman residing in Canada, who was thirsting for a little more activism.

Their love ended unhappily, but at least not fatally, so to speak. The Amina Profile, reflecting a collective fantasy of sorts, carries us from the beginning of Arraf and Sandra Bagaria's long-distance relationship to its heart-wrenching epilogue.

What is even more noteworthy is how the slippery, thrilling play manages to reveal something extremely gruesome about us and the news that touch us. Victims and war are old news, as one of the interviewees concludes. Of greater importance are big emotions and a ”new” perspective. Whether it's true or not.

Henna Raatikainen (Translation: Antti Piirainen)


Friday  20.11.  17:00  Andorra

Sunday  22.11.  20:00  Andorra


Kino Sheryl

Hämeentie 135

Andorra & Dubrovnik

Eerikinkatu 11

HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8

WHS Teatteri Union

Siltavuorenranta 18

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