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Avi Lewis

Documentary  |  90 min  |  Canada  |  2015

Age limit: 7

Opening screening

Capitalism leads to climate change, climate change leads to the apocalypse. In her book and documentary of the same name Naomi Klein finds those guilty for the destruction of the environment, but does not settle for pointing out the villains. In addition to being a current and multifaceted review on the state of the environment in the 2010s, This Changes Everything is also a pamphlet on its recovery measures. The story between humans and the globe has to be rewritten.

Klein and her director-partner Avi Lewis and the team travel around the world and highlight great upheavals through individual people and their stories. In Canada oil companies deny indigenous people the access to their land. In Greece, the state in the clutches of the financial crisis is selling off everything at hand. In India farmers are forced into cities to make way for power plants.

Klein has a strong presence in the film, arousing people to resistance. Change is possible if we stand up against the policies of giant corporations and the states allied with them. The most important thing is to change the grand narration of mankind: instead of enslaving the world we have to learn to respect it.

Anton Vanha-Majamaa (Translation: Elisa Pakkanen)


Wednesday  18.11.  18:30  Kino Sheryl

Sunday  22.11.  20:00  WHS Teatteri Union


Kino Sheryl

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